Next Generation C-Suite
Empowering VPs & C-Suite executives through unique leadership programs to assist business and IT leaders in transforming their organizations.

Great leaders drive transformation for their organization.

Over the past five decades, IT has moved from a back-office function to a driver of growth and change. NGC provides Inspire members with unique leadership programs, designed for VPs and C-Suite executives: Transformational Leadership & Board Readiness.

NGC: Transformational Leadership

Utilizing Transformation Leadership Development (TLD), NGC: Transformational Leadership is a unique, intensive program that empowers leaders with a proven framework and the essential skills to position their company for long-term competitiveness and sustainable growth.

This is not a solo mission. Attendance by two or more members of the same organization is suggested, intended to strengthen learning and provide a shared language to achieve successful business outcomes.

Charlie Feld
NGC is led and facilitated by Charlie Feld (pictured), former CIOs who have held roles in major global corporations, and industry expert guest speakers.

The Program

Virtual Live Masterclass Sessions
Three Day In-Person Experience
Individualized Coaching
Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving


Per Person

Program Timeline

Month 1
Month 2
  • Master Class Sessions 1 & 2
    “Demystifying Digital Transformation & The Transformation Framework”
  • Cohort Connections
Month 3
  • Cohort Connections
  • Master Class Sessions 3 & 4
    “Business Model & Technology Model”
  • Master Class Sessions 5 & 6
    “Organization Model & Economic Model”
Month 4
  • Master Class Sessions 7 & 8
    “The Operating Model & Putting It All Together”
  • 3-Day In-person Offsite Retreat: Atlanta, GA
Month 5
  • Final Cohort Connections
  • 1:1 Coaching with the Feld Group Institute

NGC: Board Readiness

An exclusive benefit to members of the Inspire Leadership Network, NGC: Board Readiness was designed for senior level leaders (VP or higher), to help executives improve their effectiveness in the board room and equip them with the understanding of how to pursue a board position.

Jean Holley
NGC: Board Readiness is led and facilitated by Jean Holley, who has served on three public company boards, led board searches and resides on audit, finance, nomination/governance and compensation committees.

The Program

10-Week Intensive
Kickoff Call
Workshop Modules
Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving


Per Person

Program Timeline

Week 1
Week 2
Module 1
“How Do Boards Work
& Who Serves on Them”
Covers different types of boards, the roles of board directors, structures, committees, and how IT & security fit into the board’s responsibilities.
Week 3
Independent Assignment
Week 4
Module 2
“Learn the Language of the Board”
Drills into the specifics that board committees are responsible for covering, typical cadence, topic agendas, and best practices.
Week 5
Independent Assignment
Week 6
Module 3
“Understanding Corporate Governance, Requirements, & Trends”
Details how executive and board evaluations are conducted, the mechanics of a board search, and key insights for success.
Week 7
Independent Assignment
Week 8
Module 4
“Know your Brand and Be Real”
Focuses on participant specifics including how to write a board level CV and bio.
Week 9
Independent Assignment
Week 10
Module 5
“Defining & Raising Your Brand
& Executive Profile”
Highlights techniques to be found, differentiate yourself, articulate your value, and expand your relationships.

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